FBX-Aurora Drop

What do you get when you combine a super slick spinner design with a smooth worry stone?  You get the new FBX-Aurora fidget spinner by M3 Metal Creations. This spinner combines class with comfort.  At 44grams (SS), the Aurora is highly fidgetable and will not fatigue your fingers as fast as heavier spinners. The shape lends itself to many different kinds of launches. It can be held with the long side facing your palm or the short side facing your palm. One way is good for pulling. The other way is good for flicking. The buttons are designed to compliment the spinner design and ensure a solid grip. The FBX-Aurora is the most comfortable spinner you will ever fidget with. And, when you're done fidgeting, it can be carried in your pocket and you will never even feel it. 


This drop will only include mirror polish finish; your choice of stainless steel, copper, titanium, or zirconium.  Future drops may include mokume and damascus.


  • Weight - 44grams (SS)
  • Spin Diameter - 59mm
  • Body Thickness - 6.8mm
  • Button Diameter - 17.9mm
  • Bearing - Slip Fit
  • Bearing Type - Hc3 by FZ Essentials
  • Comes with extra generic bearing
  • Comes with velvet pouch


  • Stainless Steel - $65
  • Copper - $65
  • Full Titanium - $105
  • Full Zirconium - $175

PreOrders drop Friday, Aug 24 at 8pm Mountain Time.  Drop will happen HERE on the M3 site.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks production time.