The FBX-Swag is a heavy piece (approximately 4.25oz) of art that is both fidgetable and customizable.  The weights are detachable, which gives you the opportunity to have three different types of metal in one beautiful spinner (body, weights, and grips).  Attached with a single screw on each end, the weights can be replaced with separately sold damasteel, tungsten, titanium, and other exotic metals.  At approximately 55mm in length, this stubby hunk of badness is dressed to impress even the most picky of spinner collectors.  Outfitted with the Fidget HQ Zenspin (nylon) bearing, this bad boy clocks in at over 10 minute spin time (two handed vertical spin)!

Each spinner comes with Fidget HQ's 22mm Quasar buttons. These buttons feature the Fidget HQ adjustable fit clearance system for allowing the use of these buttons on both: press-fit/slip-fit R188 spinner bodies (5mm clearance), or removable R188 bearing spinner bodies (7mm clearance). Pre-orders will be offered this Thursday night at 8:00pm CT (12/28) right here on the M3 site.  Retail looks to be around $65 for the 'Starter Kit' which includes one complete SWAG brushed stainless steel body with your choice of either brass or copper weights.  Pre-orders will be $55! Weights will be offered in the price range of $25 to $200 ... depending on material and detail of work. Join M3 Facebook site for latest updates as they are released. 

Search Facebook groups for:  Metal Creations - Spinners and Knives


  • weight: ~120-125 grams (SS)
  • spinning diameter: 56mm
  • body thickness: ~12.75mm
  • R188 Fidget HQ Zenspin bearing (10-ball) - installed
  • Fidget HQ Quasar grips with adjustable fit clearance system
  • removable bearing system for easy cleaning
  • M3 removable weight system with 13.5 mm phillip head screws (fine thread)

M3 Removable Weight System

removable bearing system for easy cleaning

Fidget HQ Quasar grips with adjustable fit clearance system

(images taken from Fidget HQ site)