Gyrodapter Information


What is the M3 Gyrodapter anyway?

The M3 Gyrodapter is a four-part adapter designed to turn any tri or quad spinner into a gyroscopic top. It is not exactly a top converter because most top bodies are fixed to the stem. It is not exactly a gyroscope because most of those require a string and have a round cage around them. The Gyrodapter is meant to replace the buttons of a spinner, held between the thumb and index finger, spun with the opposite hand, then carefully placed on a spin station. What you get is something that looks like a large top but behaves more like a gyroscope!


Gyrodapter and Accessories 

Kit parts sold separately: Gyrodapter, a Skirt, and a specially designed Spin Base. Here are the specifics for each kit item:

This is a photo of the Gyrodapter prototype. This was the last and best prototype made. The Gyrodapters will look exactly like this. Notice the removable bearing design, knurled stem, and of course ... a nod to Medieval Spinners with the round cutout pattern on the perimeter of the body. The balance of the Gyrodapter is 100% dependant on the bearing and balance of the spinner attached to it. In my experiments, a tighter bearing works best. Also, small TriSpinners spin the smoothest. Every spinner will be different. Some will spin with smooth precision, others will be a fun dance to watch!  

The Skirt turns your Gyrodapter into a beautiful, smooth spinning top. This skirt is designed to keep the weight low and evenly dispersed around the Gyrodapter. The holes ensure less weight at the center of the top, making for long, smooth spins. And what's a Gyrodapter without a Spin Base?

 Of course, every top (or Gyrodapter) does eventually stop spinning. This specially designed Spin Base is made to protect your precious spinners from being scratched when they finally start to slow down, wobble, and fall over. The base is 80mm in diameter and the concave glass (looks flat in this rendering) is 38mm in diameter. The shoulder of the base (black part) is covered with black felt material to ensure a soft landing.

At this time, we are not sure we can produce the Spin Bases.  We need at least 12 people to commit to buying this Spin Station before we can move forward. Please see Facebook post and comment "In" to reserve your spot and help make these Spin Stations a reality.


Aluminum Gyrodapter Only - $30

Ti Gyrodapter Only - $52

SS Skirt - $40

Cu Skirt - $43

Cu Spin Base - $73

The Gyrodapters will come in your choice of Titanium or Aluminum. The Skirts will come in your choice of Copper or Stainless Steel. The Spin Bases will come in Copper. Depending on sales, we plan to do future runs with more metal options.

Thank you for looking!

PreOrders drop this Thursday night (4/25/2019) at 8pm Mountain Time!