M3 Tranquilizer Nano Fidget Spinner

M3 Tran Nano DROP Details

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DROP DATE: Sunday, January 31st, 2pm Mountain Time

This will be a true DROP.  All posted items will be fully produced, packaged, and ready to ship.  This drop will include full Cu and SS Nano spinners. There will be only one finish option for this first drop, blasted then tumbled. We have decided to offer only what we are confident we can produce at this time. Every single Nano will go through a highly detailed inspection process: balance, geometry, fit, and finish.
  • Full Copper Tran Nano - $120
  • Full Stainless Steel Tran Nano - $135
PreORDER DATE: Thursday, February 4th, 7pm Mountain Time
This event will be a preOrder for four different Nano combinations:
  • CW75 Tungsten Copper body with Copper buttons - $230 
  • CW75 Tungsten Copper body with Titanium buttons - $250
  • CW75 Tungsten Copper body with Aluminum buttons - $215
  • CW75 Tungsten Copper body with CW75 Tungsten Copper buttons - $265

Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.  These will be made in order.  This means the first person to order will receive their Nano before the last person who ordered.  PreOrder will stay open until Saturday night, February 6th, 9pm Mountain Time. Material will be ordered that following Monday.




DETAILS for Copper:

Weight - 97grams
Height (with buttons) - 22.7mm
Length - 36.7mm
Width - 24mm
Button Diameter - 24.7mm