Tranquilizer ER EXOTIC Preorder Drop Details

Preorder drop will happen THIS WEEKEND, 4/16, starting at noon (Central Time Zone).  The event will close the following Saturday, 4/23, at noon.  All orders will be filled, so there is no rush to get your order in ... you have whole week.

So let's talk about the actual Tranquilizer design being offered on this run.  We all love exotic metals and we don't want to waste ANY of it, so we are machining these WITHOUT HOLES.  No holes anywhere, none in the body under the buttons. No holes through the buttons.  This picture shows the style (Zblasted SS pictured).



Length - 55mm

Width - 22.89mm

Body Thickness - 11mm

Button Thickness (on body) - 13.85mm

Now let's talk about metals.  We are offering three exotic metals this time around: Zirconium, Superconductor, and 3 Alloy Mokume. We have had several questions about the Superconductor.  The body of the spinner will be machined from large sized filament SC as pictured below.

The buttons will be machined from medium filament SC as pictured below.

These were sent to us from the machine shop.  We will be using Danny Chet for this run because our machine in not quite set up AND, more importantly, I am having surgery on my rotator cuff soon and will not be able to machine anything. I will be able to etch and Zblast though!

Alrighty then, now let's talk FINISH!  The 3 Alloy Mokume ERs will be offered in two different flavors: mirror polished and Etched/Zblasted.  This picture below is of a Tranqilizer ER (with holes through buttons) that has been medium to deep etched with Zblast. This is what the Etched/Zblasted finish will look like.

The polished ones will of course just be highly polished Mokume, which looks like the ones pictured below (top row). The others pictured are polished raw Zirc.

The Zirconium spinners will be offered in Polished and Darkened/Polished.  Here is a picture of a Zirc Darkened/Polished Tranquilizer ER below.

The Superconductor metals will come in two flavors of finish: Polished and Etched. I do not have pictures of these finishes yet. This will be the first time M3 has offered ANY spinner in Superconductor. We are going to guarantee your satisfaction though. If you get your SC spinner and do not believe it is up to your standards, send it back to us within two weeks. We will gladly refund your money upon return of the undamaged spinner.

Now for the question everyone has been asking...


Zirconium mirror polished (raw) - $240

Zirconium mirror polished (blackened with heat) - $265

Superconductor mirror polished (no etch) - $390

Superconductor medium etch - $430

Mokume mirror polished - $220

Mokume medium etch and Zirblasted - $255

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery once preorder is closed.  Allow an additional 1 to 2 weeks if you ordered any finish other than straight mirror polish.

Since you've read this far...

Here's a look into M3 future.  We plan to do a run of exotics in the Original Tranquilizer design (tranquilizer OG).  Timing will all depend on success of this exotic drop AND the healing of my shoulder.

Thank YOU for your support!  I can only continue to do this with YOUR help.