Tranquilizer PreOrder News 9-17-2019

As many of you know, the M3 Tranquilizer is the first ever run of spinners (body) machined in the M3 shop. And most of you have followed my journey acquiring the parts and turning a manual mill into a CNC machine. It has been an awesome experience and one I have learned a ton from. My goal has always been to machine my own EDC items in my own shop here in the good ol’ USA.

I’ve been a stubborn person my whole life… and well, I don’t see that ever changing. What has become fairly clear to me though, is this: one cannot use a hobby machine to do full production runs. A manual mill is meant to be a manual mill and a CNC machine is meant to be a CNC machine. Of course, I had heard this before but again … bullheaded.

I have been having some rather quirky things going on with my little CNC machine over the past several days and I’m no longer confident that I can fill the current Tranquilizer preOrders. That said, the One Offs are already done and will be sent out after laser etching. Speaking of One Offs, I have a few more coming soon. These were at laser etching when I posted drop, so they didn’t make it to the drop page in time. I will post them this week! I will continue to make One Offs on my M3 CNC “little blue machine that could.” They seem to have a unique hand made feel to them, and as Paul (Idlespin) pointed out, they include a bit of my soul. Tranquilizers made on my CNC machine take no less than 3 hours each to make … with another 12 or so in stone washing.

So what about the preOrdered Tranquilizers?

All preOrdered Tranquilizers (body) will be machined by the great and powerful Nick McEntee of Full Throttle Originals. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this guy! I believe he sensed the trouble I was heading for and offered to help out. He will be machining the spinners and sending them to me to finish. Aaron Brooks will be doing the mirror polish and Josh Kostreva of Medieval Metals will be doing the laser etching. Though we didn’t actually start out this way, it’s all turning out to be a pretty cool collaboration.

If for some reason, you want your preOrdered Tranquilizer machined on the little engine that could, please let me know. I have a few that are ready to go NOW.

Thank you all so much for supporting my art! There is no way any maker can survive without customers. You guys are awesome and you deserve the best M3 can create.

Mike Morris
M3 Metal Creations