TriSWAG Drop and Spinner Information

TriSWAG pre-order drops Friday (6/29/2018) at 7pm Mountain Time.

This is a true pre-order.  Only the prototype has been produced (pictured above). My machine shop will start making them as soon as the pre-order window closes, which will be Sunday (7/1) at noon Mountain Time. Production time will be between 4 to 6 weeks. Of course, if we finish ahead of schedule, I will ship them out. My goal is to get them in your hands as soon as humanly possible.
Drop will happen here on this site: 


  • weight: ~154-157grams (SS/Cu)
  • weight: ~72-75 grams (Ti/Cu)
  • spinning diameter: 56mm
  • body thickness: ~12.8mm
  • FIRST 20 orders come with FZ HC3z Hybrid Ceramic Bearings - spare
  • R188 standard SS bearing (10-ball) - installed
  • removable bearing system for easy cleaning
  • comes with your choice of Medieval Concave or XL Coliseum pads
  • includes 3 copper weights
  • comes with Allen wrench for weight screws
  • comes with extra set of Allen screws
  • comes with original FBX Fast Balls vinyl sticker

SS body with Copper weights - PreOrder price $95
Ti body with Copper weights - PreOrder price $110
*add $15 for regular price

If you have any questions before the drop, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email or ask your question on the M3 Facebook page.

See you at the DROP!!!