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The M3 Gyrodapter is a four-part adapter designed to turn any tri or quad spinner into a gyroscopic top. It is not exactly a top converter because most top bodies are fixed to the stem. It is not exactly a gyroscope because most of those require a string and have a round cage around them. The Gyrodapter is meant to replace the buttons of a spinner, held between the thumb and index finger, spun with the opposite hand, then carefully placed on a stable surface. What you get is something that looks like a large top but behaves more like a gyroscope!

The smoothness of the Gyrodapter depends on three things:

  • The balance of the attached spinner
  • The bearing of the attached spinner (tighter bearings work best)
  • The shape of the attached spinner (smaller tri-spinners work best)

This run will include Titanium and Aluminum metals as the Gyrodapter works best when the weight is as light as possible. Each spinner acts differently, so no two spins will be the same.


Weight - 10.7 grams (titanium)

Height - 34mm

Comes with 4mm stainless steel bearing ball

Bearing ball is replaceable

Fits copper Gyrodapter Skirt (sold separately)

Sticker included!