M3 Tranquilizer OG - Zirblast

  • $130.00

Here it is folks!  The one that started the Tranquilizer line a few years back. This design was the first to be machined in the M3 shop on the side of Mount Lookout in Crested Butte, Colorado. The first one was machined on a manual mill we turned into a CNC and used hand written gcode. Very little has changed since the first one cut.


Zirblast Finish

Length - 44.7mm

Width - 16.5mm

Body Thickness - 11.5mm

Button Diameter - 18.8mm

FZ Essential HC3z Bearing Installed

Comes with COA card

Comes with vinyl sticker

*These are true press fit (no Loctite) spinners.  The bearings are installed using a high precision, specially made bearing press.  M3 is not responsible for damaged spinners once original bearing has been removed.