Tranquilizer ER Tungsten

Tranquilizer ER Tungsten

  • $250.00

100 % pure badass Tungsten in the shape of an M3 Tranquilizer ER!

This guy weighs in at an unapologetic 198GRAMS!

The cost will be $250 per spinner.

Standard ER dimensions:

Length - 55mm

Width - 23mm

Body Height - 11mm

Button (total) Height - 14.24mm

Button Diameter - 24.74mm

We will be offering two finishes:

  1. The one pictured, which is a cross between a light machine finish and a brushed look.
  2. And course ... ZIRBLASTED!!!!

Spinners will come with tin, signed COA card, and vinyl sticker.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for machining and an additional week for finishing and shipping.