Tranquilizer One Off - 100% M3 Made (Bonus Buttons)

  • $90.00

100% machined in the M3 Shop.

Comes with experimental 19mm buttons with black ceramic bearing.

This one has a very tiny wobble. It's so tiny I thought it was just in my mind, but I wanted to point it out. The price reflects this concern.

Spinner Specs:

  • Size - 44.3mm x 16.3mm x 10.24mm
  • Weight - 50grams
  • Body machined by M3
  • Buttons machined by M3
  • Comes with an extra set of 19mm copper Custom buttons
  • Comes with signed COA card
  • Comes with vinyl sticker
  • Comes with velvet pouch
Please be willing to wait 2 to 3 weeks as this one needs to be sent out for laser etching serial number and logo.