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This is the three-arm version of the popular FBX-SWAG bar spinner. Perfectly balanced with replaceable weights that give you dozens of different looks. This chunky spinner is both beautiful and highly fidgitable.  Titanium TriSWAGS come with Titanium buttons. SS comes with Copper buttons.


  • weight: ~ 157grams (SS/Cu)
  • weight: ~ 114grams (Ti/Cu)
  • spinning diameter: 56mm
  • body thickness: ~12.8mm
  • R188 standard SS bearing (10-ball) - installed
  • removable bearing system for easy cleaning
  • comes with XL Coliseum pads
  • includes 3 copper weights
  • comes with Allen wrench for weight screws
  • comes with extra set of Allen screws
  • comes with original FBX Fast Balls vinyl sticker

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