22mm XL Coliseum Buttons

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XL Coliseum Buttons.
The XL Coliseum pads are the big brother to the original 19mm Coliseum pads that come standard with the FBX-Dyad spinner. Instead of two rows of cut out slits, the XL has an extra row for a total of three slit rows. They are designed to show off what is under the hood of your spinner. Whether you are into ceramic, hybrid, or sealed bearings, you can now appreciate the inner workings of your spinner and enjoy bearing warps! Not to mention the wonderful ringing sound of the buttons when spun while holding spinner body! You can now choose between retention and slip fit XL Coliseum Buttons.
  • 21.7mm diameter
  • Compatible with most R188 spinners
  • Designed to fit retention system spinners OR slip fit (please indicate in dropdown)