Tranquilizer NANO PreOrder

  • $135.00

PreOrder will end on Sunday, February 7th at 2 pm MT. There will be only one finish option for this first drop, Zirblast!  We have decided to offer only what we are confident we can produce at this time. Every single Nano will go through a highly detailed inspection process: balance, geometry, fit, and finish.

Please allow 2 to 5 weeks for delivery.

  • Full Copper Tran Nano - $120
  • Full Stainless Steel Tran Nano - $135


  • Weight - 103grams (cu), 91grams (ss)
  • Height - (with buttons) 22.7mm
  • Length - 36.7mm
  • Width - 24mm
  • Button Diameter - 24.7mm
  • R188 Press Fit

Tranquilizer Nanos will come with Unquiet Hand's NIBIRU 2.0 bearings installed.

All Tran Nano's will be stamped with "M3" and include a COA.  And as always, each spinner comes with a vinyl sticker!
Finishes, colors, textures, look and feel of all M3 spinner products will vary slightly.  
M3 Metal Creations is not responsible for lost packages shipped outside of the United States.  Once your package leaves the states, there is not much we can do about delivery.  Please be patient as some out-of-country packages are taking up to two months to be delivered. Each Tranquilizer Nano body and button set are designed and balanced to work together. M3 Metal Creations is not responsible for imbalance or aesthetic issues if original buttons are removed or replaced. Thanks you!